Call for Nominations to the CAFP and Educational Foundation Boards of Directors for 2012 2013

According to the Association’s By-laws, Article XVI, (B) Nominations Committee, all members in good standing are entitled to submit nominations for the Boards of Directors of the Association and the Educational Foundation.  The full text of the CAFP By-laws is available here.  The By-laws of the Educational Foundation are available here.

According to Article XVI (D), nominations to the two Boards must be accompanied by a signed acceptance from the person named.

The CAFP Board is made up of a total of sixteen elected positions.  This year, nine positions on the CAFP Board are open for election.  The incumbents of four of these nine positions are eligible for re-election.

The seven members of the CAFP Board of Directors of the Association whose term extends to 2013 are:

  • Hon. Jean Bazin, PC, Senate, QC
  • Hon. Jim Edwards, PC HOC, AB
  • Rt. Hon. Herb Gray, Lib, HOC, AB
  • Hon. Monique Landry, PC, HOC, QC
  • Hon. Audrey McLaughlin, NDP, HOC, YK
  • Hon. Andy Mitchell, Lib, HOC, ON
  • Hon. Ross Reid, PC, HOC, NL

The Educational Foundation Board of Directors is made up of thirteen Directors at Large.  Six positions for Directors at Large are open for election this year.  Four of the six current incumbents are eligible to stand for a further term of two years.

The seven members of the Educational Foundation Board of Directors whose term extends to 2013 are:

  • Hon. Anthony Abbott, Lib, HOC, BC/ON
  • Mr. Maurice Harquail, Lib, HOC, NB
  • Mr. James Hart, Reform, HOC, BC
  • Hon. Peter McCreath, PC, HOC, NS
  • Hon. Nathan Nurgitz, PC, Senate, MB
  • Hon. Lorne Nystrom, NDP, HOC, SK
  • Hon. Raymond Setlakwe, Lib, Senate, QC

In addition to the thirteen directors elected at large, four additional directors are appointed by the CAFP Board from amongst its members. 

Political Affiliation and province are noted above so that you can take these factors into account when determining your own nominations.  In addition to an appropriate range of skills, a properly constituted Board must reflect a balance of gender, language, region, and political affiliation. 

The deadline for receipt of nominations is May 2, 2012.

Please do not hesitate to contact the CAFP office for any questions or to make a nomination.



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