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In addition to its many programs in Canada and abroad, which seek to engage youth and promote democracy while utilizing former parliamentarians' knowledge and experience, the Canadian Association of Former Parliamentarians also seeks to foster a spirit of community among former parliamentarians, and to protect and promote their interests, as set out in the Canadian Association of Former Parliamentarians Act
Various events and activities are organized throughout the year to help bring former parliamentarians together and keep them connected, such as an annual meeting and memorial service in Ottawa, regional meetings in different provinces and regions, international study tours, conferences, and receptions.  The Association also publishes a quarterly magazine, Beyond the Hill, which is designed to engage, enlighten and inform its readers about each other, their Association and its Educational Foundation.  Members in good standing also have access to an online members' directory. 
The Association also assists former parliamentarians, acting as a resource for its members and developing programs for former parliamentarians, such as the CAFP Life After Politics program and an international election monitors training curriculum. 
Members can access the Members Area through the red tab above for additional information about these programs or contact the CAFP office

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