Parliament To Campus

The CAFP's "Parliament to Campus" (P2C) program has been launched to bring together former parliamentarians with university/college students and their teachers. Professors are invited to request the presence of former parliamentarians to address classes or to participate in particular events on campus.

This will be of particular interest to professors who teach survey and specialist courses in Canadian politics, courses on democratic theory, law, journalism, public administration, or even gender studies.

Former parliamentarians have much to offer today's students and are eager to engage in a conversation about the relevance of an institution they appreciate critically. Reflecting on their past as political activists and as members of parliament, their aim is to help students discuss the merits of the "political life", the functions of Parliament, and the quality of democracy in Canada.  They base their comments on their personal experiences, and wish to speak about the realities of Canadian politics in a dispassionate and non-partisan manner.  Former parliamentarians are also experts in a variety of fields: interested instructors may want to tailor their program in order to accommodate their course needs.

There is no cost to take advantage of the P2C program and it is available across Canada.

For more information, to discuss possibilities, or to start organizing logistics, please contact the CAFP office, at or at 1 (888) 567-4764.

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