Promoting Democracy Abroad

One of the key goals of CAFP is to work with young parliaments so as to grow democracy internationally.  CAFP supports democracy and governance programs run by the federal government as well as Canadian and international non-governmental organizations.  It does this largely by making CAFP members available as resources. 

Over the last few years, former parliamentarians have worked with groups and organizations in a number of countries, including Afghanistan, Belarus, Burundi, Georgia, Haiti, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Serbia, Sudan, Uganda, and Vietnam.  Reports on many of these missions have been included in the Association’s magazine, Beyond the Hill

The Hon. Don Boudria (left) traveled to Haiti for a fact-finding mission in February 2010, after the earthquake on January 12, 2010, that decimated the island and destroyed many buildings, including Haiti's legislative building (right).

Elections oversight in Urkraine

Left to right, former Canadian MPs Darryl Gray (PC- Quebec), Pierrette Venne (PC, BQ, Ind-Quebec), Jim Hart (Ref-BC) and Hon. Roger Simmons (Lib-Newfoundland). The four former parliamentarians were in Kiev as members of the OSCE`s election observation mission to the Ukraine 2012 parliamentary elections.


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