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They helped guide our country. Now they can help you guide your students.  Teachers, are you looking for way to bring civics, history, social studies and other subjects to life in your classroom? Here's an easy solution: Invite a former member of Parliament to speak to your class.

Former Senators and MPs have first-hand knowledge about many aspects of our democracy, such as the structure of government and how policy is formed. They can also share their stories and about what it's like to be a member of Parliament-a great topic for career days! 

Subjects can be geared to specific age groups and lesson plans. For example, younger students can learn about topics such as Canada's provinces and capitals, the North or other elementary subjects, while older students can discuss issues of the day, participate in mock parliaments or learn about how policy is formed.

Here are just a few topic ideas.

  • Elections and the structure of government
    How does someone become a member of Parliament? (How do you become a candidate? How are campaigns run? How does the election process work? Voting: why is it important? How does Parliament work? Does it need to be reformed?
  • The life of a member of Parliament
    What do MPs do, both in Ottawa and in their constituencies? What's involved in working on committees or speaking in the House of Commons (e.g., Question Period)? What are private members' motions and how do they work?
  • Making a difference
    How are new laws developed and passed? How are government policies formulated? What is the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and why is it important?
  • The issues
    What are some of the important issues of the day (e.g., environmental protection, native issues, economic policy)? What is government's role in dealing with these issues?

Put a new face on your curriculum!

To request a visit from a former parliamentarian, please complete the form below and then submit. Requests will be handled on a first come, first serve basis. Requests for visits in the Fall (September to December) should be sent no later than September 30; for visits in the Winter (January to March), requests should be sent no later than January 15; and for visits in the Spring (April to June), requests should be sent no later than April 15.

Although there are former parliamentarians around the country, it is sometimes not possible to send someone to your school. Would you be interested in having a former parliamentarian speak to your students by teleconference?

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